Quality Management

Quality Management

In order to remain competitive and to keep a step ahead of the expectations of current and future clients, we rely on our quality management system. 

  • Controlling processes through work instructions and precise analysis of the facts.
  • Use of quality tools to develop our methodologies.
  • Sound and constructive partnerships with suppliers.
  • Professional self-fulfilment of every employee.
  • Management of sites, sorting of waste and CO² emissions.
  • Road safety, safety of property and persons.

We handle the day-to-day demands of our clients taking account of applicable legislation and of all environmental aspects. For us, consideration of legal requirements is essential and enables us to develop sound partnerships via the provision of services and individual solutions with high value added. Internal resources, both human and material, enable us to adapt to the needs of clients and to continuously improve our performance, with a constant desire to use modern and quality methods.

Today, this strong commitment is rewarded by the loyalty of our clients and by various certifications received under the strictest European standards. In particular, Sostmeier is certified in France under ISO 9001:2008, and extends this to the ISO 14001 standard at its various sites and to the VDA 6.2:2004 and HACCP standards at its German sites.

The conducting of an SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment Systems audit: QSE performance evaluation tool developed by the chemical industry) in 2013 as well as the recent award of the “silver medal” from EcoVadis is confirmation of our efforts and our deep commitment in the field of safety and sustainable development.

Sostmeier has also involved all its employees in this step with the aim of eliminating all sources of wastage, so as to enable energy savings and to achieve the greatest possible reduction in the production of waste.

We have a fleet of vehicles with an average age of less than 2 years, and cleaner transport is an integral part of the policy of Sostmeier who, for several years, has been integrating EURO 6 standard vehicles that enable halving of particle emissions and a 77% reduction in nitrogen oxide waste.

Since 2013 and then with the introduction of the carbon tax the following year, Sostmeier has equipped itself with efficient tools in order to be able to provide its clients with reliable data on their CO² emissions, whatever the type of transport carried out. All such measures are always carried out with our clients, with the common aim of reducing costs and optimising transport movements.

Finally, for Sostmeier and its experienced drivers, road safety remains the priority and is manifested by continued training aimed at safer, more economical driving adapted to the applicable regulations. At our warehouses, all our employees are trained in the various forms of stocking and transport of merchandise, in order to guarantee and improve the level of safety, and also with the aim of avoiding all risk situations and working towards a common objective of confidence, control and commitment.